So you like riding your bike and are thinking about joining OTCC? This page aims to give you an idea what you can expect

For the majority of our members, joining OTCC was their first experience of being part of a cycling club. And for most, coming along to that first club ride felt pretty daunting. But because we’ve all been there, the club is incredibly supportive of new members. So banish those worries – about whether you’ll be quick enough, or will be able to ride in a group, or how you’ll sort out a mechanical – just come along and have a go!

So what is OTCC like?

Friendliness is an ethos that has run through the club right from the start. And whilst the club has grown fast to become the medium sized club it is today, the heart of the club remains the same. So whichever OTCC members you find yourself riding with each weekend, it’s bound to be a friendly group of people, and you’re sure to make some great friends in the process. You don’t need to take it from us – feel free to come on a sample ride with the club!

How do I join my first ride?

All riders are welcome to come along for up to five rides before becoming a member, so you are welcome to just turn up and join in.  All our rides are paced according to the make-up of the group, and no one is ever left behind.

If possible, the best day to come along on your first ride is Saturday morning – meet from 6.30am at the Behind Bars shop for a 7.00am start. Introduce yourself to one of the ride leaders, and ask which ride that day would be the most suitable for you. They will help to fit you in to the best ride, and ensure you are buddied up with an existing club member. And if you contact us ahead of time (using contact us link above), we can try to ensure there’s a member of the club committee on the ride to say hello and introduce you to other club members.

For more information about club rides – schedule and distances, see the CLUB RIDES section.

What kind of kit do I need?

We are primarily a road cycling club, and to get the most enjoyment out of road cycling, we would recommend that you have a road bike. If you want to get an idea of the kind of bike we’re talking about, then pop into the Behind Bars shop and they’ll happy talk you though the options. You can of course ride on any bike you choose though, just as long as it’s roadworthy – see club rules for what this means.

And the only other essential pieces of kit you need are: padded cycling shorts (you definitely don’t want to be without those for club ride distances), puncture repair kit and lights, if you’re joining an early winter morning ride.

All new members are encouraged to download and read our new members guide.

We look forward to seeing you out on a ride soon!